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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September 2015

September 2015 was all about Running & Friends, it seems!

Brennan ran cross-country as an 8th grader for his middle school and finished up with a Personal Record.  We're proud of him for being on the XC team and for giving it his all!

Thomas helped coach this year and did great.  The kids really liked having him there.

Warm up right before the gun shot start

My view at pick-up each day.  The team stretching (led by Thomas).
We went to a great event in September at the Inn at Irwin Gardens (former Irwin Mansion, now a beautiful bed and breakfast with great gardens).  Irwin Gardens joined with Yes! Cinema to show movies outdoors in the gardens.  We saw "The Princess Bride" - one of our favorite movies.  It was a fun night.  Here the boys are wearing their Princess Bride t-shirts.

My cocktail crew went to a downtown restaurant for drinks and some catching up time.  We all shared samples of a grown-up root beer (mmm, not sure about it) and I chose a Long Island Iced Tea.  I think August's Lemon Drop was better.

So proud of the boys for supporting friend Hannah's senior project.  The project aimed to raise awareness and funds for homelessness.  All the money that was donated during the overnight event (many kids spent the entire night in cardboard boxes!) is going to our new homeless shelter.  They did a great job!  Hannah had tons of support.

Our wine club had its annual Pontoon Party hosted by our friends Charlie, Jayne, Roger, and Jan.
This month's theme was Indiana craft brews.  David and I won a prize!  (I should say David won because I had nothing to do with choosing our brew.)

Charlie playing "Anchors Away" before we boarded the pontoons!

John (LSU), Greg (UK), and Me (MSU/UGA) - Southern Kids
Vinita, Pam, and Ginger
The men

And then it was Mill Race Marathon weekend!  Thomas worked the Visitors Center table with me at the Expo on Friday.  We had a good time and saw lots of friends getting ready for the races.

Thomas and Charlie (friend and Confirmation mentor)

The next day I walked the 5K (here with Candy who was ahead of me)
But the big deal was that Thomas and David finished their first Half Marathon!  13.1 Miles!  I was so, so proud of them.  They trained hard this summer and did a great job.  David has the half marathon bug.  Thomas says never again.

And this little boy enjoyed his final days with a full head of hair.  He went in today for a serious cut.  His fur gets so matted right next to the skin.  So we started fresh today and now have a skinny little runt of a dog under all this September fur.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 2015

It's awesome to finally be catching up on the blog after a year hiatus.  Here are our August 2015 photos!
Back to school!  10th grade and 8th grade! 
So proud of this kiddo!  He's having a great year! 

Thomas's 10th grade photo.  Thank you to April Knox!
 We had friends over one Sunday and we all just literally floated in the pool, eating chips and popsicles.  It was awesome.

Bailey and Toby joined us on the pool deck.  They get along so well.

On our way into church one morning.  Love. 

Our friends the Therbers came back from Chapel Hill for a weekend.  We loved seeing Sophie, Cora, and mom Kathy.  It was so good to see Kathy who is recovering from breast cancer.  She looked great!!

We have a new driver in the house!  Thomas got his learner's permit!

 Here was his first day of driver's ed.

 And my first time as his passenger.  Soooo strange!
We had a record number of puppy parties in August.
Snickers and Jack came over (along with Lauren, Matthew, and Gigi)!
It was raining so we had an indoor puppy party and it was great.

Neighbors came down to play too.
Storm, Pippa, and Bailey (with Lyla, Thomas, and Brennan)
They all get along so well.

Pippa LOVED David.

Brennan and Snickers 

Bailey is attending a Good Citizen (AKC training) class.  He takes his training very seriously and is very good in class :)
And it was time for Maltipoolooza 2015!
Emmersen, Jetta, and Thomas

Caitlyn and Jetta
We love to have the dogs play together. Jetta is Bailey's half-sister and Maggie is their cousin!

David and Thomas are training for their first half marathon in 2 weeks!
Here they are after their longest run yet - I think this one was 7 miles.

I attended the Philharmonic annual meeting where I am a board member.  Love my time with the Phil.

I call this one "Waiting for Abbie".  His BFF comes down most afternoons to run and play.
I also give tours through our Visitors Center - I took this shot just before my architecture tour started.  Very proud of where we live.
Did I mention Thomas got a job?!  His first job!
He's working at our local Children's Museum.  It's a great job for him and he's working quite a few hours.  Between school, work, running, Robotics, church, and a social life - he's quite busy.
I dropped him off at work one day and Bailey and I had 45 minutes to kill before picking up Brennan.  So we took a walk downtown.

Our church.  Bailey loves to visit because the beautiful ladies in the office always have treats for him. 
Finally, fun at Schaefer Lake with friends at the end of August.
Cookout, tubing, pontooning, swimming, canoeing, kayaking.
What a great afternoon!